Roosevelt Water Conservation District Headquarters


Design:  2017

Construction:  2018-2019


Roosevelt Water Conservation District




Mesa, Arizona


24,258 SF

Project description

This new office building, the headquarters of Roosevelt Water Conservation District, includes a first and partial second floor with offices, lobby with reception area, meeting rooms and board room plus a basement for storage. A north facing entry offers a welcoming entry approach from the public parking in front, with staff and truck parking behind and to the sides of the building. Elevation features include windows to bring daylighting to the interior, recessed areas for shade and interest, and exterior block walls that are detailed in a variety of block sizes, colors and textures to add character. The building evokes a contemporary southwest flavor and utilizes a single-slope roof to bring elegance and simplicity to the massing, while directing rainfall to retention areas. Overall, the design concept of the facility is based on an agricultural vernacular that reflects Roosevelt Water Conservation District’s mission and program.

On-site features include a new maintenance facility that supports related welding, carpentry, storage and equipment maintenance activities as well as fleet management needs including vehicle maintenance, repair and supply storage. An outdoor storage area surrounds the maintenance building and provides access to and around the building for trucks and tractors, with access controlled via vehicle gates. A significant and unique additional site feature is the “legacy park” that was created to host educational programs, and which features historic relocated tower and canopy elements that celebrate the significant role RWCD has played for the region for over 100 years, as well as decorative fencing and gates.