Silo Auto Sales


October 2021-December 2022


Silo Auto Sales




Gilbert, Arizona


21,000 sf on 9.4 acres

Project description

Our client had a unique vision: to seamlessly incorporate the existing grain silos on the site into a transformed space that once served as a residence. This residence underwent a remarkable conversion, now housing office spaces tailored for auto sales. The charming agrarian character of the silos became the guiding theme for the rest of the buildings and the surrounding site.

Inspired by this heritage, the design ingeniously weaves together the distinctive elements of the clear story windows and barn-like structures, cleverly integrating them with the demands of a modern automotive repair and reconditioning shop. This integration is further enhanced by the thoughtful use of metals, creating a harmonious balance between the old and the new.

Central to the functionality of the space are the multiple service bays, each thoughtfully designed with through access and equipped with essential features such as supporting lifts, compressed air systems, and exhaust ventilation. These bays are well-equipped to cater to a range of automotive needs, ensuring a seamless workflow. Additionally, the design includes specialized car wash and detailing bays, adding an extra layer of convenience and functionality to the facility.

One of the standout features of the transformed space is the incorporation of the existing silos alongside the sleek, modern elements. This distinctive juxtaposition creates a dynamic and visually intriguing environment that pays homage to the site’s history while embracing its evolution.

Natural light floods the service bays, a unique feature that sets this space apart. This infusion of sunlight not only contributes to an inviting atmosphere but also enhances visibility, promoting efficient work while maintaining a clear line of sight. This integration of light underscores our commitment to creating spaces that are not only practical but also enjoyable to work in.

In this project, the existing silos serve as a living testament to the site’s legacy, now interwoven with modern functionality to create a truly exceptional space for automotive services.