St. Vincent de Paul – New Gym & Classrooms Building


Design:  2/2017 – 12/2019

Construction:  Expected 3/2020 – 3/2021


St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School & Phoenix Catholic Diocese




Phoenix, Arizona


42,577 SF

Project description

The St. Vincent De Paul School is a K-8 campus located in a single-family residential housing area in Phoenix in 1959.  This project adds a new multi-purpose building, comprised of a two-story gymnasium and classrooms.  A new indoor basketball court hosts a variety of court games for the school’s physical education programs.  A new raised stage off the basketball court provides a venue for the school’s music and arts programs.  New classrooms include two rooms for music and STEM programs with others dedicated to new academic experiences and expansion for a projected student population of 600 students.

The school shares a site with St. Vincent De Paul Catholic church, playgrounds, athletic fields, support facilities and shared parking areas. The new building is located south of the existing school to maintain required building separation and parking requirements.  Existing mature trees will remain, with new paving and landscaping at the new building entry.  New landscaping surrounds the building and a new decorative fence is integrated with the existing facilities for campus security.

The new building exterior features a mid-century modern aesthetic that is compatible to the other existing buildings on campus. Exterior wall finishes are EIFS (exterior insulating finishing system) with some metal siding accents of different colors. The main entrance promotes an open and welcoming feeling for all who arrive, with ample wall sconce lighting provided around the building and new parking lot lighting as well.