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Summer Break Brings School Remodels, Renovations and New Construction

Summer Break Brings School Remodels, Renovations and New Construction

Though our doors are still open some early mornings, our calendars and daytime temperatures remind us that spring is pretty much over. 2017 has been busy in general, but May was especially busy for us, like so many families at the end of school. Summer break has begun, and so our school districts now focus on completing the necessary repairs, remodels and renovations to our existing schools and building the new school facilities as required.  And we at Adaptive Architects are feeling a little nostalgic…

In May, we had the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of friends and loved ones at both ends of the education spectrum. From cheering on a new college graduate, to encouraging a third grader to end the year strong. In relative terms, these accomplishments have both been hard earned, bringing with them some pride and more than a little reflection.

We are thankful for the sacrifices of those dedicated folks who worked so hard to help our kids to learn well and pursue their goals, and we are reminded of our own experiences in school. Our teachers and professors encouraged us to succeed, as they have done for our kids. However, the challenges our educators face today are unlike any we’ve experienced in the past.

The tools used to educate our kids in 2017 are significantly more advanced than those most of us had in our own school years. It’s humbling to see even the youngest grade school students adapt to ever changing and increasingly complex technologies. And it’s exciting to imagine what lies ahead for our kids, what new technologies and environments they will encounter and create as the move through their lives.

Never before have the challenges of keeping one step ahead of the “speed of change” been more daunting. Our schools today continue to find ways to do more with less. As the school year comes to an end, and our school districts begin making repairs to and updating our school’s facilities for the next school year, we are hopeful that our leaders can find ways to protect our future and ensure that our schools are well maintained and adequately funded for our children, our future.

To all the teachers, administrators and school staff who work so hard for our kids, thank you for all you do!

Adaptive Architects is proud of the work we have done in partnership with our public and private school clients. We recognize the challenges our school districts face, and we are committed to being part of the solution with innovative design approaches.  We look forward to completing more projects to help our students learn, grow and do great things.


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