St. Joseph’s Catholic Church – New Worship Building


2019 – 2022


St. Joseph’s Catholic Church & Catholic Diocese of Phoenix 




Phoenix, Arizona


15,916 SF

Project description

The St Joseph Catholic Church was created to replace a church that had been destroyed by a tragic fire. Parish members desired a facility with a different approach than the original, and so the new design was based on a “basilica” style that represents traditional form, space and order rooted in Catholicism.

Key programmatical spaces include the ‘narthex’ or entry area, the ‘nave’ which is the main pew seating area for parishioners, two transepts (one on each side of church) that consist of an adoration chapel and choir room, and finally the sanctuary space at the end with related sacristy spaces.

The exterior design of the church is rendered in a traditional Spanish style that reflects Southwestern influences. Specific design elements include stained glass rose windows with archway pop-out details highlighting the architecture and bell towers that flank each side of the narthex entry.

The main exterior finishes include EIFS (exterior insulating finishing system) and stone veneer applications. The color and materials palette that combines stone materials with a white base color and turquoise accent colors presents a Spanish Southwestern architecture that acknowledges both Catholic Diocese needs as well as our native Arizona environment.