City of Mesa Economic Development


March 2022 – October 2022


City of Mesa




Mesa, Arizona


12,000 SF

Project description

The Economic Development department of the City of Mesa approached Adaptive Architects with a unique opportunity: revitalizing an existing City building to serve as their new hub. Collaborating closely with the City of Mesa team, Adaptive Architects set out to transform the space into a modern workspace. Our focus was on crafting sleek, contemporary interior designs that perfectly aligned with their forward-thinking vision. Central to the project was the creation of an inviting public lobby area, designed to welcome visitors with open arms.

The project encompassed a range of essential features, including a spacious lobby, a welcoming reception desk, a formal boardroom, a versatile work conference room, private offices, open workspaces, a functional copy room, a well-stocked supplies area, a comfortable breakroom, and modern restroom facilities. We went beyond the interior, enhancing the overall aesthetic with innovative ceiling designs, carefully chosen paint finishes, and tasteful decorative wall treatments that seamlessly complemented the modern aesthetic.

We also made subtle yet impactful improvements to the exterior. Fresh paint breathed new life into the building’s facade, enhanced by thoughtful landscaping and minor parking modifications. The result? A comprehensive transformation that reinvigorates both the interior and exterior of the building, aligning perfectly with the City of Mesa’s vision for a dynamic and contemporary workspace.

In collaboration with the City of Mesa Economic Development department, Adaptive Architects breathed new life into an existing building, turning it into a cutting-edge center that embraces modern design while catering to the needs of both employees and visitors alike.