Our current body of work encompasses Civic/Municipal, Repair and Assembly, Learning Environments, Health and Wellness, Recreation, Retail and Life Style. For us, this diversity has proven to be a strength which provides a non-formulaic approach to the transformation and adaptation of your projects with a meaningful and social impact on communities and environment.


Adaptation is the very essence of design. Adaptive Architects brings forward all we have learned and experienced to benefit our clients by strengthening our ability to Adapt your vision, Adapt to changing circumstances and conditions and Adapt to context and environment.

We provide services across multiple practice areas as demonstrated in our portfolio of work. This is attributed to our diverse clients and their ever-changing business conditions and our ability to understand their needs and translate it into an adaptive, responsive design solution


Any architectural project will have a major impact on your organization. At Adaptive Architects, our top priority is to create the ideal space for your needs. We offer the expertise to develop innovative building solutions, and we utilize the best engineering consultant experts available when necessary. 

This allows us to assess all aspects that may influence your design, such as real estate considerations, site analysis, facility assessments, strategic planning, phasing opportunities, budget and schedule impacts, interior design, and energy analysis. 

Rapid Assessments

Site selection is one of the most important steps in the process of creating a new building for your organization, and there are a myriad of different factors to consider when determining the best option.

That’s why we’re focused on rapid assessment, wherein we quickly prototype various ideas, allowing clients to narrow down the list of sites they’re looking at.