St. John Vianney Catholic School – New Multipurpose Building



07.2015 – 12.2016


01.2017 – 12.2017


St. John Vianney Catholic School




Goodyear, Arizona


32,922 SF

Project description

This new two-story multipurpose building adds needed program and expansion space to the existing St. John Vianney Catholic School campus in Goodyear, Arizona.  The building features a gymnasium, classrooms, kitchen and music areas, and has allowed the school to expand its curriculum, enhance student experience and provide a general overall improvement to the campus.

To provide a harmonious and compatible design, the architecture of the building reflects the existing campus, which mimics a Spanish colonial concept. A series of arches defines the main entrance of the building, and offers shade, comfort, and protection as well as an intriguing design that beckons to building users.  Gable roofs and hip roofs feature concrete roof tile to further reflect a Spanish colonial design, while a synthetic finish system is used at most of the exterior walls with a Spanish lace texture and light cream color appearance to maintain coherency with the existing campus.  Exposed masonry is used as a wainscot accent at the columns and along several exterior walls.  Decorative elements such as column moldings, sills, and parapet caps add variety and interest to the overall architecture.

Inside, a spacious and daylight filled lobby is accessed via a storefront glass door system.  The lobby promotes student activities and provides access to a semi-open warming kitchen.  Beyond, the 7,525 SF gymnasium features a full basketball court with 6 hoops, bleacher seating and an open music platform flanked by storage areas at the far end of the space.  Ten new classrooms are located adjacent to the gymnasium, divided between the first and second floors.  Access to the classrooms is from the exterior, with exterior stairs providing access to the second floor.  At about 950 SF each, every two classrooms share a common study room.

Minor site modifications include new sidewalks, new ADA ramps, and a new gate at an existing fire access lane.  A secondary fire access lane and gate was provided, along with site fencing and pedestrian gates.  A new shade tree protected turf play area, granite pathways, stone pavers, bench seating, and new landscaping materials further enhance the outdoor experience at this place for inspired learning.