Marc Community Resources – New Village at Oasis Park Community Building


2013 – 2015


Marc Community Resources




Mesa, Arizona


8,836 SF

Project description

The Village at Oasis Park community was designed with it’s first priority to serve and support its resident population, adult developmentally disabled individuals, so that they can achieve to the greatest extent possible, an independent and satisfying lifestyle that is full of potential.  In addition to Phase I and II HUD 811 supportive housing existing at the site, and a planned future Phase III HUD senior housing development, the Village at Oasis Park includes a community services building that offers a range of services and programs to its residents.  Adaptive Architects worked closely with Marc Community Resources to capture the vision of this important component, really the ‘heart’ of the community, to house resident and neighborhood functions in a flexible building that will evolve with VOP residents’ needs and goals.

The massing and configuration of the buildings on site were carefully selected along with colors and materials used to promote pride in place, provide a strong sense of community and enable easy navigation and wayfinding for its residents.  The site encourages positive community interaction and makes great use of outdoor ‘living spaces’ that were designed to provide additional program areas.  A network of open, vehicle-free areas with enhanced landscaping is dedicated to pedestrian use for socializing and physical activities.  And the community services building is at the heart of all these elements.