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How to Create Healthier Work Environments

How to Create Healthier Work Environments


Adaptive Architects moved into our new office on July 2nd.
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As we settle into our new home, we’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good office environment.  And through that process we found an interesting article on the subject from Health Magazine, which promotes the importance of “workplace wellness”.  Did you know that traditional office environments can contribute to a routine of daily poor-health habits?   Frequently, as we tackle deadlines and our list of tasks at work – while trying to tune out our surroundings or get “in the zone” of high productivity – office workers can unknowingly fall victim to a number of at-risk behaviors with adverse effects on their physical and / or mental health.

According to the article “12 Ways to Make Your Office Better for Your Health”, written by Amanda MacMillan for Health Magazine (see it here), there are a number of relatively simple strategies we can utilize to minimize these bad habits.  As Amanda writes, these include:

  1. Remind yourself to sit less.
  2. Clear the air.
  3. Try a standing desk.
  4. Paint your walls green.
  5. Add a plant.
  6. Display a (few) personal items.
  7. Use aromatherapy.
  8. Stop eating at your desk.
  9. Pay attention to posture.
  10. Squeeze in mini workouts.
  11. Take your pet to work.
  12. Adjust your lighting.

By employing one or two of these simple strategies, we can make improvements at work that will likely increase the quality of our lives.  Adaptive Architects did okay – we’ve accomplished the eight items indicated in green above!  If you’d like to learn more, you can read the original article here and get the complete details:   12 Ways to Make Your Office Better for Your Health

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