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Saemisch + Di Bella is now Adaptive Architects

Saemisch + Di Bella is now Adaptive Architects

It is said that events of our past are the key elements in the shaping of our future, and 2017 will mark 25 years of service to our clients, community and profession for Saemisch + Di Bella Architects. We are proud of our history and partnership with clients in adapting to vision and changing circumstances and conditions. It is this commitment to collaboration that has allowed us to adapt to context and environment in shaping the vision of our clients.

As we reflect on our past and look eagerly towards our future, we are guided by seven key perspectives that connect for us, the importance of history.

IDENTITY: In an intercultural and always changing world, history nurtures personal identity.

CRITICAL SKILLS: It is history that has taught us critical 21st century skills and valuable independent thinking.

VITAL PLACES TO LIVE AND WORK:  History has laid the groundwork for our current strong, resilient communities.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  History is a catalyst for exponential economic growth.

ENGAGED CITIZENS:  Reflecting on history has enabled people to craft better solutions for the future.

LEGACY:  History, saved and preserved, is the foundation for all future generations.

LEADERSHIP:  It is history that has inspired local and global leaders.

In thinking about these key pillars of history and reflecting on our past, we have built the foundation for a strong new future. On one hand, our company leadership will remain strong, consistent, and unchanged. Yet looking forward to the next 25 years of community partnership, we will be bringing along everything we have learned and experienced thus far to strengthen our ability to adapt to your vision, adapt to change, and adapt to context.

We are pleased to announce that Saemisch + Di Bella is now Adaptive Architects.

Effective January 1, 2017, we will be known as Adaptive Architects. Everything you have come to trust will remain the same, including our best efforts to bring your vision to life. Our address and telephone numbers will remain as they are, with email and web access seamlessly redirected. We will have more news and information forthcoming in the next several months, and we will communicate changes across all platforms.

While we value the lessons and guidance the past has to offer, Adaptive Architects looks forward to a bright new future. We cannot wait to see what the next 25 years brings.


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